Projection concepts used in the 4th GTECH 361 lecture


Albers Equal Area Conic


Area property


Cartesian coordinates


Classifying conic and pseudoconic projections


Classifying cylindrical and pseudocylindrical projections


Classifying planar and modified planar projections


Components of a geographic coordinate system


Conic projections


Cylindrical projections


Direction property


Distance property


Early mapmakers


Equatorial  aspect for conic projections


Equatorial aspect for planar projections


Equatorial or normal aspect


Geographic coordinate systems


How to choose a projection


Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area


Lambert Conformal Conic


Map projections and distortion


Mercator projection


Oblique aspect for planar projections


Oblique aspect


Other perspective projections




Planar coordinate systems


Planar coordinates


Planar projections


Polar or normal aspect


Projection parameters


Projections in a nutshell


Public Land Survey System


Selecting secants


Shape property


State Plane Coordinate System


Tangents and secants


Tissot indicatrices


Transverse aspect


True direction and constant direction


Understanding distortion




What is a coordinate system


What is a map projection