Minor in Environmental Studies


A minor in Environmental Studies offers students the opportunity to acquire basic background in earth system science and environmental sustainability. The minor is complementary to all of the majors in the School of Arts and Science. The minor consists of a minimum of 12 credits.

Minor Requirements in Environmental Studies

Please refer to Hunter College's Undergraduate Catalog

Contact the Environmental Studies major advisor at esmajor@hunter.cuny.edu if you have any questions, concerns, or would like to make an appointment to learn more about the minor.

Guidance on Minor Requirements from the Environmental Studies Advisor:

A minor in environmental studies consists of a minimum of 12 credits as follows:

  • one course selected from PGEOG 13000, GEOL 10000, GEOL 10100, GEOL 10500, GEOL 18000; and
  • at least one course (minimum of 3 credits) selected from PGEOG 25000, PGEOG 25100*, GEOG 22600, GEOL 28000, or GTECH 20100; and
  • at least one course (minimum of 3 credits) from the 300-level approved electives listed in the college catalog under either the Environmental Studies program's Environmental Earth Science track or Human Dimensions track..

Note: * PGEOG 25000 is a prerequisite for PGEOG 25100