Student Travel Awards


Are you a Hunter College Department of Geography and Environmental Science student planning to present at or attend a professional conference this academic year? Thinking about AGU in December or February or AAG in April? If so, you may be eligible for travel assistance through the Department of Geography and Environmental Science and/or the Graduate Student Association. Students are eligible for reimbursement for one professional/academic conference per academic year from this department.

DEPARTMENTAL FUNDS: Email and put Conference Travel Award in the subject line. Include your name and the name of the conference you are planning to attend, and whether or not you will be presenting your research in either an oral or poster session.

To be eligible for a travel award through this department you must be an actively enrolled student at Hunter College and be either a Geography MA, GIS Certificate, undergraduate Geography or Environmental Studies major at the time you are applying and at the time of the conference. Students enrolled in Maintenance of Matriculation are not eligible.

GRADUATE STUDENT ASSOCIATION (GSA) FUNDS: Graduate students should also apply to the Graduate Students Association (GSA) for travel assistance. The GSA also has a submission date and its own eligibility requirements for reimbursement that must be adhered to. Do not assume that the GSA’s requirements are the same as those for the Department of Geography and Environmental Science.

AWARD AMOUNTS: In addition to Graduate Student Association travel awards, graduate students are eligible for an additional reimbursement of a maximum of $200 for presenting. Undergraduates who attend or present at professional conferences are also eligible for reimbursement for a portion of their conference-related expenses. Because the department has limited funds, final reimbursement amounts will depend on the final number and class standing of students seeking reimbursement. Reimbursement can cover portions of transportation, food (excluding alcohol), accommodations, and/or registration fees.

WHEN AND HOW WILL YOU RECEIVE REIMBURSEMENT? Award recipients will be reimbursed by check (mailed to your home address) after travel to the conference is completed. Applicants must submit original paid receipts for reimbursement. If the reimbursement covers all or part of your transportation, your original airline ticket receipt and boarding pass stubs must be submitted for reimbursement. Travel by bus or taxi or train is also covered if you submit original tickets and original boarding passes. Don’t forget to get a receipt from your cab driver. Travel by car is reimbursable by mileage. If you share a hotel room with another student, make sure you get the hotel to give you a paid bill for your portion of the hotel charges. And bills for food must be itemized, i.e. Spaghetti Carbonara and the price, house salad and the price, bottled water and the price, etc.

You need to provide evidence of attendance. If you are scheduled to present you will need to provide a copy of your paid conference registration and the page from the conference program listing your name, the title of your presentation, and the day and time it is scheduled. Your affiliation must be listed as “Department of Geography and Environmental Science, Hunter College, CUNY”, “Hunter College, CUNY” or something similar. Reimbursement should be sought no later than the end of the third week following the end of the conference. In no cases will expenses be reimbursed after June 15.

Prior to receiving any reimbursement you will also receive a short questionnaire on your experience and what you learned from your conference presentation. That, too, must be completed.

Questions? Please contact Mimoza Frankfurt, Assistant to Chair, at or in person during regular office hours in HN1006.