Keep in Touch


We want to find out what you’re doing now and where you’re doing it. We want to know how your education at Hunter College, and specifically your degree(s) in geography, geology, environmental studies, or GIS, helped you find a job and start your professional careers. Perhaps you went on to graduate school in the Midwest or bought a farm in upstate New York or decided to go into journalism or opened a restaurant. Are you designing clothes? Singing in a choir? Reading quietly on a beach somewhere? The information you share with us can help us better evaluate our programs so that we can continue to improve our curricula and provide our current students with as much information as possible on the types of jobs and careers that you, our alumni, are involved in. In turn, we would like to provide you with opportunities for professional and social networking and information about the department and students.

To our friends of Geography, we’re just as interested in you as we are our alumni. Your interests in geography, environmental studies, geology, and GIS have helped shape your lives and we want to know about that.