Teodosia Manecan



Email: tmanecan@hunter.cuny.edu
Phone: 212-772-5413
Office: 1044 HN

Academic Qualifications:

University of Bucharest: Doctorate in Geological Sciences.
Doctoral thesis: “Mineralogical and Petrographical Study of Pegmatite from the Lotru Mountains”


“Babes-Bolyai” University of Cluj Romania
Thesis: "Mineralogy, Petrography and Geology of Gilau Mountains Cluj Romania"


University of Cluj
Studied geology of sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rocks and formations.

I did special research studies on

  • Eocene formations in the areas near Cluj ( Transylvanian Basin)
  • Miocene Volcanic Rocks from Baia Mare Region
  • Geochemistry and Isomorphism of Rare and Dispersed Elements in Minerals of Igneous, Metamorphic and Sedimentary Rocks.
Areas of Expertise:
    Igneous and metamorphic petrology, geology of NYC
Research and Teaching Experience and Publications Abroad:



Field and laboratory instructor for the License Degree thesis projects concerning Metamorphic and Igneous Petrology for Geology License graduating students of Bucharest, Iassy and Cluj Universities, Romania.



Special studies on gems from pegmatite and ornamental stones of lamprophyres, igneous and metamorphic rocks;



Laboratory Senior Research Geologist doing mineralogical, petrographical research, including microscopic analyses, geochemical and geological data interpretations for models’ drawing of metamorphic and igneous formations and associated ore deposits.


  Main author 16 mineralogical studies regarding dolomite marble, gold ores, iron ores, base metal ores and non-metalliferous substances associated with igneous and metamorphic formations. Worked for the Geological Survey of Romania , Bucharest ;



Two mineralogical studies on Birimian and Tarkwaian formations and associated manganese and gold ores deposits in Esikuma, Ntabreta, Nyankumasy and Kubekroo areas in Ghana; Worked for the Geological Survey of Ghana;
Also studies of rocks and base metals and gold ore deposits from Yemen and Togo.



Teaching courses of Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology at the Mineralogy Department of the University of Bucharest;



Senior prospecting geologist in crystalline formations in many areas from the South and East Carpathians, and Apuseni Mountains, writing texts and drawing maps for mineralogical reports as main or co-author of 46 reports. Worked for the Geological Survey of Romania, Bucharest;



Prospecting geologist and the Enterprise for The Geological Prospecting in Bucharest studying metamorphic and igneous formations in Baita Bihor area and in the Bistra-Marului area;


Recent Experience in U.S.A:




Adjunct Assistant Professor at CUNY Hunter College and Brooklyn College


Teaching experience at Brooklyn College and Hunter College, CUNY: Teaching geology courses, e.g. Physical Geology (Geology101), Historical Geology (Geology 102) and special courses: Science of Rocks, Geology of New York City and vicinities, Earth Material Research at Hunter, Geology 2.2, Physics of the Earth 9.1, Environmental Geology 604.5T, Earth Inside and out 604.4 and Science in Modern Life, and Geology Core 8.2, at Brooklyn College.

Guiding independent studies in Petrology and Environmental Geology at Hunter College


Adjunct associate professor at Dyson College Pace University


Teaching courses of Planet Earth introductory geology


Research at Brooklyn College, Department of Geology: Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology of Malanjkand Porphyry Copper ore deposit


Petrologic and Structural Geological Research on Metamorphic and Igneous Rocks in the Manhattan Formation, Inwood Formation, Ravenswood Formation, Hartland Formation in Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Manhattan areas, NYC, at Jenny Engineering Corporation


Participant at “Crossing Boundaries” Research Project at Brooklyn College and Kings borough Community College


Professional Affiliations:


Geological Institute of America
American Museum of Natural History
The New York Paleontological Society
New York Academy of Sciences

Languages :

German, Romanian: speak read and write very well.
Russian, Italian: speak read and write well.
French, Spanish: professional reading and translating.