Recap of Department Social Fall 2018

On October 3rd, 2018 the Department of Geography hosted a social event for current and prospective students to meet with advisors and professors. During the gathering, department advisors, Sean Ahearn; MS in GeoInformatics & GIS Certificate, Peter Marcotullio; MA in Geogograpy, Ines Miyares; MA in TEP Earth Science, Haydee Salmun; BA in Environmental Studies and Thomas Walter; BA in Geography, provided information regarding the programs available for both Major and Minoring tracks at Hunter College.

In addition to their academic material Professors Jochen Albrecht, Allan Frei and Randye Rutberg spoke about their research over the summer of 2018. Professor Albrecht described his research the Spatio-Temporal scales of greenhouse gas emissions in Europe. Professor Frei reported on his research collaboration with colleagues in Wuhan, China. The project involves the use of climate models in the use of evaluating the vulnerability of water supplies to climate change. Professor Rutberg spoke about her research on the climate of the last millennium and the role of the Southern Ocean in the carbon cycle.