Hello everyone!

In celebration of Earth Week and ESA SEEDS annual Bioblitz, we would like to invite you to a Plant ID activity led by our chapter advisor, Professor Andrew Reinmann. If you have taken the Field Ecology class with Professor Reinmann, it’s essentially similar to the style of the class. In this activity, you will gain some experience in plant identification which we hope you can use for your species collection for the SEEDS Bioblitz project. We will be touring “The Ramble” in Central Park and becoming familiar with native species of New York City. More info about SEEDS Bioblitz project.

This event will take place next Wednesday, April 19. We will meet at the front of Hunter College North Building at 11:30 am and we will walk together to our meetup spot at the Central Park Boathouse to meet Professor Reinmann. This is about a 15-20 min walk. The activity should end around 1 pm. Fill out the Google form registration.

If you wish to participate, you must sign up for an iNaturalist account and that is the platform where will collectively share our findings. Once you've filled out the Google form, let us know your iNaturalist username by emailing, filling in the Google doc, OR posting in the slack channel so that I can add you to the iNaturalist group. Data collection starts on April 17, but the in-person activity will be on April 19! The theme of next week’s activity with Prof. Reinmann is plant ID but the Bioblitz itself does not limit you to collecting just plants. So you can take pictures of plants as well as animals and post them on the iNaturalist site. See the image below:

Those who cannot attend the activity next Wednesday, you can still join the bioblitz! You can go to your local neighborhood park or record the different species of trees on your sidewalk.

Follow the steps above and you can start collecting data beginning April 17. Let us know if you have any questions and we hope to see you there!

Have a great week,
SEEDS @ Hunter
Emelyn, Jalil, Karina, and Tatiana