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Professor Peter Marcotullio, Department of Geography and Environmental Science accepted a position in the 4th New York City Panel on Climate Change Assessment (NPCC4) which is critical part of Mayor’s Office of Climate Resiliency (MOCR) initiatives. NPCC4, a 20-member independent advisory body that synthesizes scientific information on climate change and advises City policymakers on local resiliency and adaptation strategies to protect against rising temperatures, increased flooding, and other hazards. Together the Panel members possess a broad spectrum of disciplinary expertise including climate science, demography, engineering, geography, vulnerability analysis, global change, architecture, and urban planning. He is currently in two working groups: Futures and Health. (see

Professor Marcotullio is also in the New York State Climate Assessment. Led by NYSERDA, the State Assessment will provide a credible, science-based analysis of what to expect from climate change in New York under various scenarios and will seek to convey this information in ways that are actionable, relevant, and easy to understand. The Assessment will incorporate the latest data, models, and scientific understanding of climate change. Specifically, it will include:Up-to-date projections of future climate conditions in New York State; In-depth economic impact assessments; A peer-reviewed technical report on impacts and adaptation strategies; andSummaries and other materials designed for use by particular audiences. In the State Assessment there are eight Technical Workgroups conducting the day-to-day work of the assessment, including searching and critically reviewing the best available scientific literature, incorporating new projections, synthesizing data, and developing the technical report. Prof. Marcotullio is in the Energy Working Group (