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A Critical Ecofeminist Analysis
of Issues in Commerical Beekeeping

Ana Martiny, M.A., Geography, 2012
2012 winner of the Society of Woman Geographers’
Graduate Fellowship Award

Wed, Oct 3, 2012
7:30 to 9:30 pm in 1028 HN

This presentation will introduce ecofeminist theory, and deconstruct the specific cultural geography of commercial beekeping practices in the United States. It will examine the language and behaviors of radical separation of culture and nature perpetuated in this industry which are ultimately detrimental to pollinator bee populations.

Ana Martiny completed her Masters Degree in Geography at Hunter College in spring 2012, with special focus on production and reproduction of space, place and nature, and environmental ethics. She is currently working on various projects documenting the radical use of urban space in New York City.

Refreshments will be served