Course Update

GEOG 15000 World Regional Geography

Students, please take a note, that effective this semester, Spring 2020, GEOG15000 World Regional Geography meets the Flexible Core - World Cultures & Global Issues requirement. In addition, it meets Pluralism and Diversity requirement.  

Note: Effective Fall 2020, the course will also have a new name: GEOG15000 World Regions in Global Context.

Its new catalog description is as follows: This course draws on and explores the concept of the geographic region as a way to organize and understand our fast changing and inter-connected world. Geographic concepts (e.g., space, place, distance, scale, borders, and regions) are used to study environmental, economic, social, and political conditions and identify key concerns in the culturally diverse world. The course will examine geographic world regions (e.g., South America, Europe, the Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa, and others), connections in and between these regions, and how these regions and their populations interact as parts of a global system. For each world region, you will learn major historical events, specific interactions between natural environment and social systems, and their potential for and challenges to sustainable development.