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"Who Are My People" Film Screening

Friday, April 28, 2023
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm
1028 HN

Join the Greenbelt Society and Director and Emmy Award Winner Robert Lundahl for a film screening on Tuesday, April 28th. We will watch "Who Are My People," followed by Q&A discussion. There will also be free vegan pizza.

About the film: Climate crisis (and trauma) determine the kind of future we create, according to our values , while building for sustainability. In the Mojave desert, the world’s energy companies converge to produce power. They’ve destroyed ecosystems, migrating birds, tortoise, and sacred places from ancient civilizations. The LA Times indicates, we are at a “Flashpoint” between competing value-systems. Bodies have been exhumed, and geoglyphs destroyed, in an area that is a long-term indigenous settlement. “Who Are My People?” depicts how the world’s energy firms have met their match in a small group of Native American elders, in the hottest desert on the planet.

Download event poster here.