Lighting Talks on Cutting Edge Research and other Critical Topics in the Department of Geography and Environmental Science as part of Geography (and Environmental Science) Awareness Week


When:  Wednesday, November 18, 2019, 1pm – 3pm  

Where: (Zoom – see link below)

Who should attend:  All students, faculty, and friends of the Department of Geography and Environment Science who have questions about what are some of the newest and most pressing geography and environmental issues facing society today. 

Format: Each talk will be just a few minutes with a couple of minutes of Q and A. It will be fun and fast way to get a lot of new knowledge.   The final schedule will be available Tuesday morning.  


Start at 1:00 and introduction – William Solecki

a. 1:03-1:09 – Andrew Reiman

b. 1:10-1:16 –Haydee Salmun

c. 1:17-1:23 - Wenge Ni-Meister

d. 1:24-130  - Helen Polanco - Saltwater Marsh Resilience Against Sea level Rise: Jamaica Bay and Long Island’s South Bay

e. 1:31-1:37 – Bibhash Nath - Impact of urbanization on land use and land cover change and its implication on declining groundwater level and drinking water quality

f.  1:38-1:44 – Jingyu Wang - Water Pollution in the Harlem River

g. 1:45-1:51 - Allan Frei - NYC Water Supply System, Green Infrastructure, and Climate Change

h. 1.52-1.58 – Green Belt Society - Enrique Lanz Oca  

i.  1.59-2:05 - Committee on the Racial Crisis – Randy Rutberg

j. 2:06-2:12 – Rosy George- Mapping the UHI in Jersey City, NJ

k. (CANCELLED) 2:13-2:19 – Alejandro Rojas - Mapping Wetland Features using an Object Based Image Approach at Stony Brook Harbor, Long Island Sound

l. 2:20-2:26 - Sheena Philogene - Investigating the relationship between fire events and land use changes in Sao Paulo, Brazil"

m. 2:27-2:33 – Sean Ahearn – COVID diffusion modeling

n. 2:34-2:40 - Shipeng Sun – Web mapping COVID diffusion modeling

o. 2:41-2:47 – Jochen Albrect - modeling of COVID spread on a university campus

p. 2:48-2:54 - Ines Miyares - food insecurity during the pandemic

q. 2:55-3:01 - Peter Marcotullio

r. 3:02-3:08 – Randye Rutberg

Host:  Department of Geography and Environmental Science, Hunter College

FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THE EVENT –Please contact William Solecki, Acting Chair;