In the News


Congratulations to Coral Del Mar Valle, one of our great students, was accepted into a really prestigious summer research program at Harvard Forest in Massachusetts. The Harvard Forest Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program is an immersive research experience at Harvard Forest in Massachusetts. The program lasts for 11 weeks and it is based on three core values: research, education, and community. The REU program consists of collaborative research teams working on specific research questions. Coral Del Mar Valle (Class of 2021 Environmental Studies, Hispanic Literature) got accepted into this competitive program and will be working with Dr. Jonathan Thompson and other scientists on a project titled “Land-use impacts of forest carbon” which takes part in a larger project titled “Forest Carbon Sequestration: Effects of land-use change, atmospheric deposition, and genetic variation”. Specifically, Coral will be studying strategies for mitigating and quantifying forest carbon sequestration in New England forests using a range of research tools that include synthesizing peer-reviewed literature, policy analysis, US Forest Service Forest Inventory and Analysis data, and ecosystem models.