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2014 Cohen Prize Winners

Please congratulate Volha Melianets and Silvia Lorenzo, the 2014 winners of the Miriam and Saul Cohen Prizes for Geographic Excellence. Each student will receive a check for $1,000 at the May 9th Department of Geography Annual Awards Dinner.

Ms. Melianets, an undergraduate Environmental Studies major, won the undergraduate prize for her paper entitled “Methane Hydrates Destabilization in the Warming Arctic and Potential Consequences for Climate” written for her Honors in Environmental Studies capstone course. Ms. Melianets sponsor was Prof. Haydee Salmun.

Ms. Lorenzo is a candidate for a Masters degree in Geography and is graduating this June. Her paper entitled “Spatial Analysis of the Financial Crisis: A Study of Financial Clusters in the New York Metropolitan Area” was nominated by her thesis adviser, Prof. Hongmian Gong.

The prize committee agreed that this year’s group of candidates submitted an outstanding group of papers and that final prize decisions were difficult to make. Other candidates for the Cohen Prizes were:

Alexander Krawchuk, “The Mineralogy of Late Cretaceous Methane Cold-Seeps of the Pierre Shale, South Dakota”

Jasmine Bayron, “An Overview of the East Asian Monsoon and the South China Sea During the Quaternary Period”

John Ferrara, “Proposed Utilization of Biomass as a Cost Effective Method for Remediation of Soil Contaminated by Open Dumping”

Lerone Savage, “Carpool Verification Algorithm Using GPS Data, GIS Methods, and Python Programming”

Marat Yelemesov, “Influence of the Vegetation-Atmosphere Feedback on Temperature, Relative Humidity, and Precipitation Under Different Surface Conditions”