Chair's Column: May 2018


Dear Students, Colleagues, and Friends of Geography,

I would like to wish you best of luck finishing your work for this semester, and to have a wonderful and productive summer. To those students who are graduating, please stay in touch with people in the department, and let us know wherever your journey takes you. To those taking summer courses, we'll see you soon. And to those returning next semester, we hope to see you refreshed and ready in late August.

This is my final "end of semester" message to the department as Chair. My term is over this month, and on June 1 Professor Pavlovskaya will be taking the helm as Chair of the department. I am very grateful for the opportunities that I had as Chair to learn so much, and to get to know so many people, and to work with so many great students as Chair, and I look forward to being in the classroom a bit more in the coming years. I also want to thank the department staff for helping so much to keep the department functioning smoothly, and for being so pleasant to work with! A particular shout-out to Dana Reimer, the Assistant to the Chair, who directly supported me on a daily basis, and supported the department in so many ways!

I am also very much looking forward to Prof. Pavlovskaya's leadership. I know that she has lots of great ideas, has a wide as well as deep understanding of the field of the Geography, and will successfully steer the department in new and exciting directions.

Allan Frei
Chair, Hunter College Department of Geography