Chair's Column: August 2023


Dear students, colleagues, and friends of the department:

I hope you had restful, interesting, and productive summer! I am excited to welcome you all back to the new semester. This past summer put in even sharper relief the fact that climate emergency is here and new approaches to achieve sustainability are urgently needed. I am proud to be part of the department that combines disciplines that are all critical for developing mitigation and adaptation strategies that are scientifically informed, environmentally resilient, and socially just. These are the disciplines of geography, earth science, environmental science and geospatial science. We are the place where faculty do cutting edge research and students can build a foundation for careers in those vital areas.

I am pleased to welcome to the department our new assistant professor in human geography Dr. Alex Moulton and new doctoral lecturer in earth science Dr. Geoffrey Fouad. I am also eager to announce that the undergraduate certificate in Spatial Data Science is now in effect.

Stay tuned for more and wishing you all the best on the first day of classes tomorrow!

Marianna Pavlovskaya
Professor and Chair