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Workshop in Beijing on cities, energy use and greenhouse gas emissions

On 14 and 15 November, the Department of Geography's Professor Peter Marcotullio and MA candidate George Golub participated in a research workshop in Beijing, China entitled, Tracking Influences of Asian Urban GHG Emissions for Sustainability Policies: Identifying Low Carbon Pathways to Meet the Paris Agreement. The meeting was supported by the Asia Pacific Network on Global Change Research (APN) and hosted by the Institute of Geographic Science and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Workshop participants were from Taipei, Taiwan; Tokyo, Japan; Beijing, China; Bangkok, Thailand; and New York City, USA.    

The workshop goals were to identify methods by which energy use and greenhouse gas emissions could be estimated at higher resolution than the urban scale. Participants presented research to date on their respective cities. Professor Marcotullio presented an example of student research, Nic Rio (Columbia University) for residential energy use in the New York City Metropolitan area at the census track level. George Golub (MA candidate Hunter College) presented his research on on-road transportation energy use in New York State at the county level. George intends on continuing the analysis to estimate energy use and GHG emissions at the census tract level in New York City for his MA thesis.