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Black Geographies and Ecologies
GEOG 28306 / AFPRL 2901C

Meets: Tuesdays, 11:30 AM - 2:20 PM
Location: To be announced (in-person)
Instructor: Professor Alex Moulton, Department of Geography and Environmental Science

Course Description: Black Geographies and Black Ecologies are emerging areas of research and teaching which span geography, environmental studies, history, American Studies, and African and African Diaspora studies. Much of the work that can be identified as Black Geographies and Black Ecologies are fairly recent, but there is a longer tradition of scholars pushing the boundaries of geographical and environmental thinking to centrally address the relationships between racial ideology, Black people, antiblackness, and the production of space. Black Geographies and Black Ecologies today names a wider array of scholarly work that has offered rich accounts of Black people’s relationship to space, their geographical knowledge, and their labor to create spaces to flourish. As such Black Geographies and Ecologies challenge the silences and absences relating to Black people’s experience that characterize traditional scholarship. Together, Black Geographies and Ecologies offer a framework or methodology to make sense of the Black geographical imagination, the Black spatial vocabulary, and historic and contemporary geographical phenomena relating to Black social life.

This course provides an introduction to key and current literature in Black Geographies and Black Ecologies and explores how Black geographies and ecologies can enrich our understandings of how race, the environment, and power are materially and symbolically entangled. Among the themes that will be examined are: abolition; Black feminist theory; Black sexualities and gender geographies; carcerality; diaspora; fugitivity and marronage; plantation afterlives and futures; racial capitalism, repair. Course material will reflect on the Black Atlantic World, considering intersections between Black geographies/ecologies and Indigenous/Native Studies, and Latinx Geographies.

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* Pluralism and diversity requirement - Group B & D designation pending.