Thomas Walter
Departments of
Computer Science
Hunter College of the City University
of New York
695 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10065


Beehive Trail, Acadia N.P., Maine

Iceberg, Red Bay, Labrador, Canada

Arctic Circle - Grimsey Island - Iceland

W&C Lecture: Spring 2016








Yellowstone River, Yellowstone N.P.

W&C All Labs: Spring 2016
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Computer Science Linux Lab FAQ

Sondheim Glacier, Iceland, March 2013

ArcGIS Student Software Info

Cataract Canyon, Colorado River, Utah

Hunter GeoClub

W&C Day Lecture: Spring 2015

W&C Labs: Spring 2015

Comparing Continental Sizes

Long Island Orienteering Club

Summer Field Courses - Acadia N.P.



PGEOG 212: Soils & Vegetation Fall 2015

W&C Labs: Fall 2015


Midnight Sun, Akureyri, Icelend




Erica's 2009 Everest Expedition

2010 Newfoundland & Labrador

2011 - Iceland - 2013

2012 Rafting on the Colorado River

Ed & Erica's 2013 Everest Expedition