Soils of recent origin.

Develop on unconsolidated parent material with just a developed A horizon (top layer).

All soils that do not fit into one of the other 11 orders are Entisols.

Therefore, they are characterized by great diversity in:

  • environmental setting
  • land use

Entisols are found in:

  • large river valleys
  • steep, rocky settings
  • shore deposits

Very extensive in area.










East-Central Louisiana Entisol


Red River fluvial landscape.

Soil texture becomes finer with increasing distance from the river.




East-Central Louisiana Entisol


Periodic deposition of new sediment creates the numerous layers of mineral and organic matter.

This up-building process limits soil-forming.

Note thick buried A horizon (dark layer).




Latah, Idaho Entisol




Latah, Idaho Entisol


Very shallow soil (10cm) to bedrock.