Ecology: Chapter 24: Terrestrial Ecosystems


Ecological Biogeography






Terrestrial Ecosystems


  • Biomes are biotic units and are classified by predominant plant types.
    • Developed by E.E. Clements and V.E. Shelford
  • Eight major terrestrial biomes
    • Tropical forest
    • Temperate forest
    • Conifer forest (taiga or boreal forest)
    • Temperate grasslands
    • Tropical savanna
    • Chaparral (shrublands)
    • Tundra
    • Desert


Terrestrial Ecosystems Reflect Adaptations of the Dominant Plant Life-Forms


Tree leaves







  • A climate diagram describes the local climate at representative locations around the world



Tropical Rain Forests

Tropical Savannas

Temperate Grasslands

Water Budgets


Mediterranean Climate Ecosystems

Temperate Forest Ecosystems

Conifer Forests