GTECH 201 - Intro to Geographic Methods
Tuesdays & Fridays 9:45AM to 12:15PM
Room 1090B2 North (large computer lab)

Lecture Instructor: Tom Walter
Room 1003 North

Lab Instructor: Amy Jeu
Room 1090C

Textbook: There's no required text for the class. Readings will be posted as pdf files or web links.

Portable Computer Storage Device: such as a USB drive for backing up your files and for portability.

Midterm Exam (essay): 25%
Article Abstract/Presentations: 15%
Term Paper: 25%
Labs: 35%
Extra Credit:

Essay questions posted 10 days before in-class exam.
2 GIS-related articles abstracted and presented to class.*
8-10 page term paper on applied GIS/remote sensing, presented to class*

Attend one or both orienteering meets and receive 2-points added to your final course average for each.


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