Article Abstracts & Class Presentations

Abstract Example

For the first abstract choose one of the GIS-related articles hanging on the bulletin board outside the labs. Read the article and create a one-page, single-spaced abstract summarizing the article using MS Word. Save the file in this format and email to me no later than 9:00AM Tuesday September 14th:


For example, my file would be named:

Create a 5-10 minute PowerPoint presentation about your topic and be prepared to present it to the class on Tuesday September 14th. I will randomly choose 3-6 people to present the last hour or so of class. Email the PowerPoint presentation to me no later than 9:00AM Tuesday September 14th.  The file should be saved in the form:


I will create a presentation evaluation form to be filled out by all students for each presentation to give you thoughtful feedback.

All abstracts will be copied to a central location so everyone can look at them.

Consider reading articles to help you choose a term paper topic.