This presentation evaluates Web Site resources related to Urban Coastal Research. Each site is evaluated based upon a set of criteria suggested by Jan Alexander and Marsha Tate, Reference Librarians at the Wolfgram Memorial Library. For a full description of their method see The Web as a Research Tool: Evaluation Techniques. This guide is limited to an examination of the home pages, or first page of, a Web presentation. A single presentation may contain numerous links to other pages within the same site and other sites. In the tables below there are five columns that are rated on a scale of 1 to 5. A zero means that no information is available for that crtiteria. See each of the criteria for an explanation of the rating scale.

The sites are grouped into one of three sections:

*University and Private Research Organizations
*National and International Governmental Agencies
*Miscellaneous - worthwhile sites


Created by Karen Mulcahy 5/12/97